Welcome to the School of Forest Science and Resource Management

"Forestry is not about trees, it's about people." -

With new and research orientated bachelor and master programs the School of Forest Science and Resource Management offers diverse and modern academic studying environments.

Areas such as international forestry, timber industry, forest technology, business administration, computer science, nature conservation, landscape development and renewable resources are the focus of our study programs.

Our interdisciplinary approach provides graduates with versatile skills and knowledge creating excellent options on the job market. The unique integration of the Holzforschung München, the Munich Wood Research Institute, within the Technische Universität München opens up further job markets for our graduates.

Convince yourself!

One of the most fascinating ecosystems on Earth - the forest - is the focal point of our studies. As a renewable natural resource, wood has bright prospects, as well as other bioresources have. The development of reliable concepts for using this basis for life and for handling natural resources is one of the most important tasks of the present and future.

Forest ecosystems are the major terrestrial land resource for biodiversity, i.e. habitat for the majority of plant and animal species and the main producer of wood, the most important renewable resource in both volume and value terms. In addition forests provide a number of indispensible goods and services for mankind, e.g. factors of water conservation and carbon mitigation. Sustainability is a key element in the management of forest resources and hence is also a key element in the MSc study programme. All aspects of this concept are touched during the course of studies, for instance sound management planning for future decades as one of the basic technological toolkits.

The master program provides students with high variety of leadership and management skills taught by TUM and external lecturers. A selection of fields of concentration ensures that the students can design their own program content. The international diversity of the students gives the program a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

School of Forest Science and Resource Management

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