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The courses "Forest Science and Resource Management", BSc and "Forest and Wood Science", MSc have been subjected to the accreditation process governed by the accreditation agency ACQUIN. Both courses have been accredited by the agency "without further requirements". Whenever a course is accredited with the remark "without further requirements“, it means that the course does not show any content-related or structural deficiencies.

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Abstract of the appraisal of accreditation for the courses "Forest Science and Resource Management", BSc and "Forest and Wood Science", MSc

"The BSc course in Forest Science and Resource Management and the MSc course Forest and Wood Science taught at the Science Centre Weihenstephan, which is part of the Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich) are consistent and well-structured courses. The courses prepare students for professional life as well as for a scientific career. Students receive an outstanding state-of-the-art education. The aims of the courses are to effectively and consistently deliver the curricula which are targeted towards successful teaching of organisational, relevant practical and personnel qualifications.“[...]

"Students receive very good support and are advised in a student-friendly way by the employees of the School of Forest Science." [...]

"The students have various opportunities to participate in the decision making processes of the school. Furthermore, members of the student association are closely involved in several different boards and committees." [...]

"According to students criticism is taken seriously and the school and its employees immediately try to find solutions in collaboration with the students. The students feel that their opinion is important for further developing the study programme." [...]

"Students know what their study fees are used for and by making suggestions for their use they can actively participate in decision making. In general students agree with the way their study fees are used." [...]

"Quality assurance for both courses which have been submitted for accreditation was built into the development of the course programme. Right at the start of this phase contact was established with companies, forest administration, forest owners and other potential employers. Students will clearly benefit from the approach that enables the School to prepare students for a professional life after finishing their studies. It is very important that the study programme links to professional life and does not only concentrate on isolated content in university environment." [...]

Programme accreditation of BSc and MSc study programmes

The term ‚programme accreditation’ refers to the accreditation of study programmes that lead to a bachelor or master's degree. The courses must be taught at public or publicly approved institutions of higher education (e.g. universities). During the accreditation process, external consultants review the study programmes for the following criteria: convenience of study, purpose, concept of study programme and resources. If a study programme passes the accreditation process, a temporary accreditation will be given either with or without further requirements. For the period of accreditation, the programme will be awarded the seal of quality of the Accreditation Council that is responsible for the accreditation of study programmes in Germany.

Expiry of the study programme accreditation:

The University will apply for accreditation of its programme with an accreditation agency that is chosen by the university.The accreditation agency will then assemble a board of consultants. The board must consist of experts on the subject and experts on the particular form of the course programme.The board of consultants consists of representatives of the university (lecturers and students) and representatives with professional experience in the economy.The study programme will be examined according to generally accepted standards.Based on the report of the board of consultants the responsible accreditation commission decides whether accreditation is given with or without further requirements, whether the process is suspended or whether accreditation is denied.

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Stiftung zur Akkreditierung von Studiengängen in Deutschland - Akkreditierungsrat



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