Leitmotivbild des internationalen Masterstudiengangs Sustainable Resource Management (© Schlierner/fotolia.com)

Master Sustainable Resource Management

The international master's program in Sustainable Resource Management is an inter- and transdisciplinary program devoted to a sustainable approach to natural resources, such as soil, water, air or biological diversity.

  • live webcam girls Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • live sex vids Standard Duration of Studies and Extent: 4 semesters (=2 years, fulltime), 120 Credits
  • aoa tech ksp Start: Winter semester (October)
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Requirements: Bachelor's or master's degree or diploma in one of the following disciplines: Engineering, Science, Economics or Social Science
  • Admission: Aptitude Assessment
  • Location: Weihenstephan (Freising)
  • Internship: A minimum 7-weeks internship is a compulsory part of the program. Responsible for the recognition of the internship is the "Praktikantenamt Weihenstephan".
  • Costs per Semester: basic student union fee and basic semester ticket fee (more about fees and financial aid)
  • Accreditation: Our study programs are accredited by the system accreditation at TUM.
  • Contact: srm-application[at]wzw.tum.de

You find the most important information about the study program at a glance in our program flyer. [pdf, 737 KB]