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Master of Science in Forest and Wood Science

The program is considered a consecutive degree program and builds on the qualifications already acquired in a bachelor's program in forest science. It provides the scientific and methodological background and competencies needed to be successful in high-level positions in forest enterprises and other wood-related industries as well as in nature protection agencies and consultancies. It has been designed to provide the students with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop concepts for adapting forests to changing climatic and environmental conditions, as well as those necessary to develop innovative solutions for timber production, processing, and marketing. The curriculum is made up of compulsory core modules and offers opportunities to develop an individual professional profile through the choice of three fields of concentration out of the following six:

  • Timber - raw material and wood-based products
  • Forest management in mountainous regions
  • Forest management
  • International forestry and agroforestry
  • Site assessment and land use
  • Landscape development and nature conservation

The language of instruction for this master's program is German. Therefore, you will find all information in German on the German version of this website. You can also change the language at the top of this page.