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Bachelor of Science in Forest Science and Resource Management

Our undergraduate program equips the students with the foundations and competencies needed for a professional career in the forest sector or in natural resource management in general. The combination of a broad up-to-date basis in natural and social sciences with proven forest management techniques enables them to solve the manifold problems linked with forest land-use.

The bachelor's degree lays the foundations for both, a consecutive science-oriented master's program as well as entrance into the labor market. Besides the core disciplines of forest science, the education offers also other key topics like international forestry, renewable resources, wood industry, nature conservation, or landscape development. To develop the personal competencies (soft skills) of the students, the program offers project work in teams, courses in rhetoric and conflict management, and encourages them to spend some time abroad.

The language of instruction for this bachelor's program is German. Therefore, you will find all information in German on the German version of this website. You can also change the language at the top of this page.